The best college campuses — anywhere

When it comes to college campuses, Davenport University has you covered with 8 locations across Michigan as well as our Global Campus, the first online learning community in the state.

If you’re looking for the best college campuses close to your home, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Davenport University. 从世界杯竞猜校园在底特律 而且 大急流城 世界杯竞猜, 兰辛校园 世界杯竞猜的位置在 卡拉马祖 Valley 社区 College, you’re sure to find the academic program 而且 the learning environment that best fits you.

With so many college campuses to choose from — 而且 an online campus — you’ll be able to complete your studies with Davenport, no matter where life takes you. 



If you’re looking for a traditional, four-year college experience, the W.A. Lettinga校园 大急流城是为你准备的. By living on this college campus, you’ll be close to classes 而且 to everything else, 包括豹体育, 俱乐部, 组织等等. Take this 52-second tour to learn more about this college campus. 


Whatever you’re looking for in a college campus, we promise that you’ll find it at Davenport. 从世界杯竞猜的 traditional four-year college campus in 大急流城 to our urban college campus in the heart of 底特律, 世界杯竞猜提供了这一切. See the map below to find the best college campus for you, then keep reading to take a deeper dive into what awaits you at your Davenport University college campus location.

Safest campus in Michigan (2021)
Pick the best college campus for you from 8 Michigan locations
Davenport offered the 1st online learning community in Michigan


Conveniently located in downtown 底特律, Davenport University 底特律 — our newest college campus — was developed with this city in mind. Davenport University 底特律 offers day 而且 evening classes that are affordable 而且 designed for busy people like you.


定位d in Metro 底特律’s largest suburb, the 沃伦 Campus is an ideal college campus for those looking to achieve their educational goals close to home. With state-of-the-art health labs 而且 more, this is truly one of the best college campuses you can choose.


If taking in-seat classes on a college campus isn’t for you, you’ll want to choose Davenport’s Global Campus. With more than 50 online programs, our Global Campus gives you the flexibility you need to complete your studies — anywhere in the world.
200 Ottawa Building - 大急流城, MI


彼得·C. Cook Center is home to the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx), the professional development arm of the university that helps employers statewide provide training for their emerging leaders 而且 employees. It is within walking distance from some of 大急流城' biggest attractions.

大急流城- W.A. Lettinga

W.A. Lettinga校园 is Davenport University’s most traditional four-year college campus, offering residence halls 而且 sports events. This campus has everything you need to experience living 而且 learning on a college campus, all in the vibrant city of 大急流城.


If you’re looking for the best college campuses in western Michigan, check out Davenport’s 荷兰 Campus. 定位d just minutes from Lake Michigan, the 荷兰 Campus offers business programs designed for the world’s fastest growing careers.

卡拉马祖 - 卡拉马祖 Valley 社区 College

Conveniently located between Chicago 而且 底特律, this college campus is home 世界杯竞猜,’s partnership with 卡拉马祖 Valley 社区 College (KVCC). Complete your studies at KVCC 而且 seamlessly transition in世界杯竞猜,’s bachelor degree programs.


If you want a college campus in an urban setting, choose Davenport University 兰辛. 定位d within walking distance of Michigan’s Capitol, the 兰辛校园 offers you the programs 而且 state-of-the-art technology you need to succeed in today’s workplace.


If you’re an adult learner who is looking for a college campus in mid-Michigan, explore Davenport’s 米德兰 – Great Lakes Bay Campus. 位于米德兰, this college campus offers everything from certificate to bachelor degree programs in a range of fields.

特拉弗斯城 - Northwestern Michigan College

If you live in the 特拉弗斯城 area, you’ll benefit from Davenport’s partnership with Northwestern Michigan College. Sitting alongside Lake Michigan, Northwestern Michigan College offers you business 而且 health programs with a seamless transition 世界杯竞猜,.